New West Elm Collection Review

Crap monkeys.  This morning I saw a shooting star when I exited the neighborhood.  I wished that one day I might find a successful career in public relations, instead I should have wished for the weekend to get her faster.  Andy and I are exhausted this week.  I suppose the exhaustion will not end until we finally pull into his parent’s driveway for our vacation.  But crap dudes.  We are tired.
This week West Elm released their newest collection.  I guess it’s early fall goods.  I was hoping they would have new fabrics for the collection.  That is probably more of a definite season release and not pre anything.
The new ZigZag Layered Bed Set, $129-$229. Very graphic.  Masculine and feminine. 
 Good job guys.
Levi Coffee Table, $1099.  Whew, pricey and very chunky.   
Still probably half the price of others you would find on the market.
Pantone named emerald green the 2013 color of the year.  This Spruce Green Parsons Desk, $349 is very sexy and very close to an emerald green.  Give it a gold and white lamp and shut the front door.

Holy crap batman. New colors in the Industrial Task Lamp, $79-$99.
They make me want to do some homework.


And last but not least the Mid-Century Des, $599.  Available in white or acorn.
Once more, I need a diary or some homework. Cup of tea optional.
So what about you? Any favorites from the new West Elm collection?

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