Inspiration: Window Casings

Originally this post was meant to go up over the past weekend.  Sadly though, we had to put our cat Walter down.  Understandably we’ve been sad and in a rut.  So our world has been “meh” since Sunday.  Last night we started coming out of our funk.  I am sure by this weekend, we will be a lot better even though the house, without a doubt, is much emptier.
Moving forward.

Last week I managed to get on Pinterest one night and look around at window casings.  I know, I am leaping out of my chair at this news too.  But really, window casings.  My cookie cutter lacks these.  Sure there is a little ledge beneath every window but there is no casing.  There is something far worse than casing which is the fake plastic casing which comes on top of the blinds as a snap on attachment.  The blind and their “casing” are freaking W H I T E, the ledge under the window, linen, just like the rest of the trim in the house.  Yep, the window situation is the house clearly rocks.

So while I am looking at window casing, I keep looking at the three windows in my living room which are neck in neck.  I look at the casings and potential window treatments and then at my windows.  Back and forth, back and forth.  So I look at Andy and ask for his opinion.  His response, “You have a nail gun.”  Oh, do I love that man.  So I broke out the yard stick. 
Window casings have their place in older homes, but what about a new cookie cutter in the middle of suburban America?
Double windows incased with one casing.  Yeah, I could do that.  Makes it nice and cohesive.

Simple white casing with roman shades hung on the outside of the casing.
Here’s a fun family room with multiple windows and roman shades hung inside the window casings.
Window casings and heavy drapes make for a very dramatic effect in this room.  Almost too lux for me.
Painting your casings a bold color will make them pop against a neitral background.  I dig  this green.

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