Mint Bathroom + Update

Whew! I have been under the weather. A couple of weeks ago I decided to mow the backyard without wearing mask. I won’t be doing that again. It hasn’t been a completely miserable week, just a really lousy one. I definitely value being able to breathe with ease more so since it all began. Being that I was under the weather since last weekend, I haven’t done crap. Zip, zilch, nadda. I have hung out on the sofa and in the bed after work. And although I am eager as hell to get outside to the backyard to start that transformation before the temperature soars to 100 degrees, I am still not 100%. Hopefully next weekend I can go nuts with some outdoor manual labor, I’m just crazy like that.

 I did manage to motivate myself to take some photos of my mint master bath so you can see where it’s going. The change of color from a grey green to a happy mint alone made a world of a difference but the pizazz hasn’t happened yet. Mainly because I haven’t figured out 100% what I want that pizazz to be. The color is Sherwin Williams Fleeting Green. Enjoy & please offer any pizazz suggestions, I’m completely up in the air about this one. The area around the toilet, that’s the blank space that is driving me crazy.

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