Chevron Bathroom Wall+Color Selection

Guess who accidentally bought 155 loads worth of fabric softener and not clothes detergent?  Me.  So today I have to go return some softener and purchase some detergent so I can get these clothes cleaned.  Aside from that, it’s house chores for the remainder of the day since tomorrow is lunch with the in-laws, a play and Game of Thrones. 
No weekend projects, again.
I did chose the colors for the chevron accent I am doing in my bathroom.  Right now I am going with an abstract chevron so it has extra pizazz.  So here are the colors I have chosen.  Keep in mind, SW Fleeting Green is the color I painted my bathroom so it naturally has to be apart of the whole thing.
SW Kind Green is the second color down on the swatch of Fleeting Green and is more or less the color of my duvet from West Elm. The indigo and the white are colors that are in my rug.  This way every one is happy.  I also have a gun metal or silver metallic paint I might throw in there for accent.  I don’t know yet.  I would like to see gold, but metallic paint is freaking expensive and I’m trying to stick to a small budget. 
I am hoping next weekend I can start on this.  No plans, no one in town and I should be done with all my school work and just have a final.  Then again, my backyard is still a disaster and I need to finishing laying down some mulch before the temperature starts to climb.  So May it seems will be when I start this project.  It’s going to be awesome.  But watch, I’ll ditch the chevron idea by then.

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