Rainy Wednesdays- Colored Ceilings

The ceilings in my house are Botany Beige by Pittsburgh Paints. The ceilings in the house I grew up in were wedding white by someone. The ceiling in every dwelling I lived in between my parents house and now was apartment white. Why are ceilings always made out to be the step child of the home? Neglected.  Usually not cleaned and loved as much as the other walls in the house. A ceiling would be so lucky to have an awesome light fixture. Or maybe a ceiling medallion. Or if it’s fortunate enough, architectural elements. Well fear not lovers of the ceiling, where there is a will, there is a way! As long as you have the patience, appropriate supplies and amazing arm muscles. 
I am thinking a painted ceiling is something amazing that a house should be adorned with if at all possible.  A small water closet would stand-out with a painted ceiling.  Dining rooms, also somewhere a painted ceiling would stand out.  Hallways, they are just a given.  But what about bedrooms?  Or living rooms?  Done right, a painted ceiling will make your house rock.
Yellow ceiling with white beams, L’ Autre Appartement Paris by Gilles & Boissier
Gray and white striped ceiling, unknown source, pintrest.com
Black ceiling with white medallion, McGill Design Group
Red Ceiling and white walls, coco+kelly
You can check out Pinterest or Houzz for plenty of images of painted ceilings to inspire you.  More frequently you will see the the brightly colored ceilings paired with a more neutral, complimentary color for the walls.  Remember, ceilings are not the evil step child of the house, they are the tall feature that can compliment your room and draw your eye up. 

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