Living Room Chairs, Citron

After a disappointing trip to Round Top and multiple talks with my husband about our living room chair situation, I have decided to purchased something new.  We agree that we want something comfortable for our living room that will last us a while.  Something you can sit in comfortably for a couple of hours to watch a movie or to enjoy friends and family in.  Something durable, fabric that can be cleaned with water and is pet/ people resistant.  With these points in mind I went over to  Yes, they are in with the whole HGTV thing.  The fun thing, you can design and tweak your furniture right there on the website before you even set foot into a store.  It can occupy some time let me tell you. is the place where we will be purchasing our new living room chairs.  As it stands right now, we will be going with the Corinna in a woven citron.  Granted we still have to go to the store and sit in it and double check the fabric, but I am really thinking I have found my chair mates.  I love the lines of the chair and the fact there is no separate back cushion.  The fabric can be cleaned with water and is listed as heavy duty on the website.  It seems to be the perfect chair of us. 

I have never purchased from Bassett before but all the possibilities in the website makes me feel like the whole house needs another make-over!   For this chair you can also customize it a billion different other ways.  From the main color of the fabric, to the color of the welting and the color of the legs.  You can even choose a floor color and wall color that mimics your house to see how it looks. I mean look, I designed an ottoman!!

Granted we will not be needing an ottoman, but hey there is so much to play with on the website. You should go and check it out. They have a lot of great fabric choices from traditional to modern. There is a lot you can custom upholster to and you can design your dining room as well. I am starting to feel like they might be my go-to for ideas and designs.

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