Weekend Plans

Good Morning World!  Well it’s the second day of my three day weekend and so far so good.  Went to Round Top & Warrenton yesterday.  Walked around for hours and all I came home with was a giant ball of string.  Literally.  I paid $15 for it and I love the colors in it.  I did see a couple of other things but here’s the deal, the people selling those couple of other things weren’t in their tents.  WTF.  It’s very irritating when I want to buy something and you’re not there.  This happened to us four times.  And we would wait a bit and then they would never show back up.  So, we’d leave with little intention of coming back.  If I was head over heels in love with the items I figured I would have stayed and waited.  One of the items at one time was a chair.  It was in good condition and would have went in the bedroom.  We waited and looked around for someone and waited and looked around and nothing.  So we started looking next store and some other girls came up to look at the chair and all of a sudden some lady comes out from across the street and tells them the chair is $20.  I knew those girls were buying that chair so there was no point in sticking around.  But, I was irritated.  If you are running a flea market both, stay there people.  Or another favorite of mine had their phone number written on 2×4’s holding up their tent.  So I call “Janet” and no answer.  Another missed sale.
I went out yesterday with the hopes of finding some chairs.  I don’t need any more small knick knacks in my life.  I just need 2 matching chairs and possibly a third different one for elsewhere.  I found no chairs.  I will just keep searching and exploring before I settle down on purchasing something new from West Elm or something. 
For today I am hoping to work on my french doors.  They’ve been in the garage long enough.  It’s either time to get ’em hung and in progress or get ’em out to the curb.  I want to get this dining room painted this summer so I need to get in gear with these doors.

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