Flash Sale Sites- Are they worth it?

I love a good sale.  Hell, you might even say it’s one of the greatest moments in life when I find something I’ve been wanting on sale for an unbelievable price.  Since I love a good sale, I also love me some flash sales.  But are they worth it?  Are they really being truthful when presenting the item price to you?  For a while I was naive enough to think “Why yes, why would such and such website lie to me!  $200 off is a deal!!!”  Last night my friends, a certain doubt about said flash sale sites was embedded in me, one I can not let go.

Let me paint a picture for you.  I painted my bathroom mint green last weekend.  I need a new rug.  My co-worker and I both agreed perhaps yellow.  So I am thinking yellow, white and gray.  I go over to rugsusa.com.  Why?  Cause I change crap around way too much so I might as well go with affordable.  I find this in a runner:

Rugs USA Tuscan Agava Trellis Flatwoven Yellow Rug

The rugs is roughly $73(on sale) and has free shipping. Here’s the description:
Collection: Tuscan
Brand:Rugs USA
 Material: 100% Wool
Weave: Flatweave
Styles: Contemporary Rugs
Origin: India
I head over to onekingslane.com and what do I find, but this:

If that looks like the exact same rug, it’s because it is folks. For $155 plus shipping you can own the exact same rug! Here’s the description:
Origin: India
Construction: flat-weave
Made of: wool
Pile height:1/4″
Color: yellow
Are you freaking kidding me!  Literally over half the price of onekingslane.com when it comes from rugsusa.com.  I feel like I was just slapped in the face.  Granted I’ve only ever purchased one other item from OKL, but still, freaking ridiculous.  Even the statements about original pricing are crazy.  OKL states the rugs is originally $320.  RUSA, $183. 

So the moral of the story, if you really want something for a good deal, research that crap.  Research it until your fingers ache and your eyes want to pop out of their sockets.  Flash sale site deals may not be all they are cracked up to be.  Does this mean I will never visit OKL again?  Highly unlikely.  I like looking at all the vintage stuff I totally can not afford.  And their downstairs sale will have good deals time to time.  I did score some pillows there for like twenty something each there once.  And I do love it when Emily Henderson has her tag maker sale there.  But for massed produced items, I’ll go forth with researching the hell out of it for the best deal.  If it’s massed produced and not special, why should we pay premium price? 

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