Aqua Sofas

The sofa below I fell in love with for a couple of reasons, it’s tufted, chesterfield and a beautiful aqua color. The legs are sexy and when I see it, I want to set in it wearing some kind of hot Mad Men inspired secretary get-up.  Why can’t you just magically appear in my living room?

And then, the fabulous Emily Henderson had to post this fabulous room she did with an aqua linen sofa.  It too is tufted, except more mid-century but equally desirable in my books.  Plus, she paired it with that fluffy comfy rug- every aqua sectional needs a rug such as that.
So this of course this got me thinking about how much I would love to own an aqua colored sofa one day. Maybe when the Petrie Sofa has had it, I could reupholster it in an aqua color. Thinking further back, when Andy and I were sofa shopping, we actually almost came home with an aqua sectional, the Crate and Barrel Sidecar Sectional.   Well maybe more of a combination between aqua, brown & tan.  It’s not available anymore, but it was a very good looking sectional and would have looked phenomenal with a fluffy rug. 
Looking back on the sidecar, my tastes have actually changed.  It’s good looking, but now a little too modern for me.  I’m a little more vintage, eclectic, even worldly in my 30’s.  Here is another fabulous Emily Henderson room with an aqua tufted sofa.  I love the way it’s incased in wood.  This sofa is freaking awesome, they’d be fools to ever get rid of it.  No fluffy rug, but look at those Ikat chairs- my goodness, those chairs would make anyone’s butt look good.  This room, vintage, eclectic and little bit worldly, I love it.
Thrive Furniture Van Buren in Lucky Turquoise.  It’s more mid-century, made to order, has free shipping and the buyer pays no taxes.   Sounds like an awesome deal.  Not tufted though.  Seems as it an aqua sofa looks more amazing when it’s tufted, almost like a cupcake with sprinkles.
So am I hooked on aqua sofas?  Maybe, I dunno.  It’s a commitment.  Maybe in my future house that has a lot of natural light and character, I could work an aqua sofa like it was nobody’s business.  For now, I will stick with brown and pin any aqua sofa that so much as gives me a twinge.  But aqua chairs…that may be more realistic and reasonable than chartreuse yellowy ones.  Oh dear, my wheel are starting to crank.

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