Some Favorite Things: Black, White & Zebra Rugs

I am crazy about black and white rugs right now.  Or black and ivory.  Or black and cream.  You get the point.  They add this fabulous eclectic vibe to any room.  They work in dens, living rooms, bed rooms, nurseries, offices, libraries, on patios, in kitchens, just about anywhere.  Currently I am obsessing about bringing in something that falls into said color categories into my living room.  My heart is leaning towards zebra for two reasons: 1. Quirkiness and 2. I already own chevron/ ikat pillows. 

Home Decorators
Urban Outfitters
West Elm

Zebra rugs, are they a just a thing right now that I will become sick of?  Or is it something I could see myself enjoying until we move and maybe even after that.  And just as most other black and white rugs are so versatile, are these just as versatile?  Which am I most likely to admire for the longest, a hide print or a wool rectangle?  Even though I keep going back and forth, two things remain sure, I know I want a black and white rug and Andy is totally cool with zebra.

Unknown Source, Pinterest

Another factor in this decision is of course price.  I’m a college student and tuition and books are freaking expense.  I can’t justify spending major cash on a rug when I know the money needs to go towards A. School or B. our Future house which we are saving for.  A zebra rectangle is far cheaper than a zebra print on hide.  Then there are all the other black and white rugs out there than you can find for dirt cheap.  If I love it forever, should I spend the cash or just spend conservatively knowing in 5 years or less it could be out the door.
/rant about the troubles of choosing a rug for my living room which I do not plan on messing with until I finish my dining room/ hallway project which has been at a stand-still due to the painting of the French doors.  Maybe I do need to take more classes a semester if I have this much time on my hands.

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