Bathroom Accent Wall Round Up

I live in a cookie cutter house.  I have no problem admitting that or the fact that we couldn’t afford something cute in town and were sick of apartment living.  And with living in a cookie cutter house, comes cookies cutter facts.  Like Fact 1: your bathrooms will always come with those gigantic frame-less mirrors.  Fact 2: Unless you plan on a major renovation in your brand new cookie cutter house, you are stuck for the most part with the lighting design.  This does does not mean changing out fixtures (except when it comes to my recessed lighting it does.)  Finally, Fact 3: Cookie cutter subdivisions usually mean a paint pallet of botany beige on the walls and linen colored trim- prepare yourself for the linen trim and botany beige ceilings to throw off every color you think about putting on the walls. 

So with all that being said, fixing up my master bathroom was one of the first things I did.  Now I am thinking that wall where the closet door is needs some flair. Some accent paint flair.  Here is the cookie cutter bathroom before any sprinkles or frosting were added.

Here are some great ideas for sprucing up an accent wall in your cookie cutter bathroom.  When art work isn’t enough or doesn’t fit in the area because of wall size vs light switch vs towel bar layout ratio, go big; let your walls be your canvas. 
Brightly striped wall with wainscoting on the bottom will add a playful punch, Lonnymag

Apply bold patterned wall paper on one accent wall, Southern Shore Dream Bath
Polka-dots are anticipated to be the pattern this year. Why not a polk-dotted accent wall,

A full wall of vertical striped to draw your attention up if you have short ceilings in your bathroom, elledecor

Large stencil or wall decal can bring nature into your urban bathroom, internet image

I love the look of painted wide or skinny planks in a bathroom ,
The simple and clean look of board and batten in a bathroom for a classic modern look,
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