Some Favorite Things: Black French Doors

Forget the post where I said I had chosen my dining room color.  Truth of the matter, I thought I had a color until I decided to go with black for the doors.  Black french doors have become something of an obsession of mine in the last couple of days.  The way I look at, come hell or high water I am destined to have some black french doors in my casa.

Gorgeous French doors and windows with black trim make a striking statement in this space. Kara Mann Design
I love how they can look so classy and kinda exotic.  Paired with white, grey, tan- I freaking love the look of black french doors. A black and white striped wall, yeah they would rock next to that too.  White wainscoting and some wall paper that even your mom would approve, black french doors OWN in that instance too. 

black french doors

Look how much black french doors love animal hides.  You can be country or city or both with black french doors.  Hell, you could even be french.  A french urbanite vegan who loves her some black french doors with her vegan friendly rugs.

Black french doors and window mullions

This is by no means a hate post directed at white french doors.  They are nice and easy, expected.  Maybe the Ryan Gossling of french doors. But I also see dirty white doors with dirty glass if you have kiddos or 101 dalmatians.  Paint the doors black and it cuts down on the dirt just like a grey or black car.  Now you got yourself some Jude Law doors.
Black French doors. Love the contrast of the black doors with the white cabinets & white upholstery

Stayed tuned for tomorrow when I share totally awesome blacks for french doors.

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