Some Favorite Things: A New Year & Things To Do, 2013

Yep, I am alive. I attempted to take a literature class over 3 weeks of the winter break. I couldn’t handle the workload, so done with that. Also went to Florida to see the family, it was a lot of fun. Now I am looking forward to a new year. I start UHD as a junior, I have some great projects to finish and great trips planned out during the year.

 For 2013, I plan to paint and complete the dining room. This weekend I spent time with paint chips and samples. Next weekend, I plan to start painting. It’s a big project so two weekends will be taken up with it. I’ve decided on something with a neutral green hue.  The ones next to the art are the ones I have gravitated towards.  The fourth one from the bottom the one Andy and I like the most though I am slightly also partial to the ones below it too.

This year Andy and I also plan to work on the back yard.  It is a sad sad desolate place that needs to be fixed up desperately.  I had started on it earlier in 2012 but gave up because of the heat and other things going on in the house.  For 2013, it would be nice to knock it out in a weekend.

Then there is the bedroom.  We will be getting a new mattress in 2013.  A king size.  This means we will be getting a new head board and I will be sprucing up some other small details around the room.  I already purchased my new stencil and I am excited to use it because of it’s size.

2013 looks like a great year so far.  Plus I will only be in one class from Feb to May so it should be relatively easy going.  To cheers to 2013!

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