Industrial Pendants & Bathrooms

Wow! have I been busy.  Thanksgiving, homework, family, homework, left over pie, and house duties- this week as been very blah as far as things happening around the house.  I am thinking things might pick up though.  With Christmas decorating around the corner I have some fun things up my sleeves. Also, I am just about ready to start choosing paint colors for my dining room so even more things are in the horizon.

Lately I have been in an industrial lighting mood, especially industrial lighting in the bathroom. 

Images: 1 Emily Henderson 2 Pinterest Find 3 Pinterest Find 4 Jenkins Baer

This past Thursday, while at my parents, I decided to hit up the Williams Sonoma Outlet store.  You can image my glee when I came across a white metal pendant shade for only 4.97.  BOOM!  POW! Rock in Roll!  THANK YOU unsatisfied consumer!

So I brought it home, bought a pendant kit, corralled my husband and gave my bathroom a tiny, very kick ass industrial pendant makeover.Here is a link to what the bathroom was looking like before the switch-a-roo.  And here is what is going on right now:

I am very happy. Gotta come up with art work- but no biggie.  I am also almost done with my Christmas shopping.  That’s how I am rolling this year.  Shop now, paint later.

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