Ode to Thee: Mid Century Black Sofa, Masculine Office Edition

Bathroom clean, check.  Laundry done, check.  Wanting a black leather mid-century sofa, we’re there.  Actually, I own a black mid-century inspired leather sofa.  Sadly, it hides out in the rock out room because of a certain four -legged beast.  It will make a reappearance in the limelight one day.  For now, I am pleased to put the spot light on another mid-century piece, this one from Room and Board.  It’s a black beauty, leather and masculine with some soft curves.

I like this sofa but not so much the price. A 86″ sofa for $3199. The 76″ is $3099. I would rather pay the extra hundred bucks for 10 extra inches. That’s practically a labradoodle in dog comparisons.  This sofa is masculine and hip but has a softer side.  Where does it belong?  In a manly office, complete with a cow hide and books about treasure hunting and espionage.

Of course in the office there would also be a desk and very comfortable command chair.  The sofa, desk and chair can be found here at Room and Board.  The rug is from Ikea and it’s $199 which is affordable for a hide and they do not look that bad in person.  The book shelf, bronze/marble tray and the totally awesome silver faux wood mirror are both from ZincDoor.  The brass pharmacy lamp, from Lampsplus.  All together they make for a pretty awesome office to show case your original hardback copies of the Hardy Boys.  Neutral walls and a tricked out ceiling in tiles similar to these.  Yep, that completes this masculine office, now all it needs is an taxidermy croc head.

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