Ode to Thee: Orange Mid Century Sofa, Girlie Edition

My obsession with sofas continues.  This week it’s the Gracie sofa from Perch Furniture.  The color I am crazy about is this warm/ poppy orange that could have been found in some single lady’s den back in the day.  The sofa comes in leather and other fabric choices with a starting price of $1480 which is reasonably affordable.

I dig the hell out of the color and the single cushion you sit on- limits the amount of junk that can fall between the cracks.  It’s a gender neutral color as well, but it can go either way.  For me, I saw it as something fun and poppy with blues and whites.  A total chick sofa.  For the dudes, maybe more earthy tones and a cow hide rug.

The fabulous Gracie sofa with the cute Jonathan Adler chair which can be found here.  Accent wall with the bright blue poppy wall paper with the console against it that’s adorned with a white gourd lamp. Throw in a darker blue rug to offset the wall paper and a cute accent pillow.  I also found a sea grass coffee table, however I can not find the source for it.   Accessories could be a mix of whites and golds or silvers.  Maybe a few more dark blue items. Or the delectable Everett Chair from West Elm.  It’s a very sexy chair which can weaves itself into all sorts of spaces.

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