Embracing Your Inner Geologist

Some of the finds from our recent trip to round top included some excerpts from old geological books.  We have a 1780, 1860 and 1880 print.

I know the picture quality lacks and they are not on my wall.  Since they are going in the hall way and it still needs to be painted I decided to just wait it out until I paint this November. 

As of this moment, these prints have inspired me to find other geological pieces.  Mother nature is always welcome in our household since she brings in so much natural beauty.  I have rounded up some of my favorite geological pieces and ideas aside from my recent finds.

1. Agate Book Ends via hsn– why wouldn’t you want rocks to hold  it all together
2. Turquoise and Jade Chandelier via bellacor– way expensive but way beautiful
3. Candles with rocks is always an easy alternative via blog.timesunion.com

4. Moss Agate Coasters via hsn– there are so many colors to choose from
5. Creatively place rocks in a shadow box for an instant work of art via homedit
6. Petrified Wood Accent Table via zincdoor– centuries old and way chic

Rocking out at the house is a great way to bring mother nature indoors. It can be elementary, industrial, zen, or what have you.  I am thinking of adding a framed mineral do-dad to the hallway when I hand up the prints I purchased.  Have you added any geological aspects to your place, share you link.  For now I will leave you with an image of a very famous geologist.   Here’s to Stan’s dad Randy, the most famous cartoon geologist out there.

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