August Update

August.  Hot, humid and a terrible time of the year for spray paint.  Thus far August has been full of Spanish class.  I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough.  Learning what most take 5 years to fully understand in just 4 weeks is brutal on the brains.  Thankfully next week marks the end of summer class and gives me a break until fall semester starts up.  I would love to say that there has been interesting things happening around the Cordas household, but really just a little chaos here and there is all I have to report. 
The summer has brought on an ant invasion in my neighborhood unlike any other I have seen.  What I have discovered is that cornstarch has been pretty successful.  I read about it on the web through various forums of people asking for fire ant solutions that did not involve chemicals.  Cream of wheat was also a suggestion given to many.  Cream of wheat is almost $4 bucks at my grocery store and I do not care of it as a breakfast food so the 89 cent alternative of corn starch was picked up instead.  I gave a generous sprinkle to the ant mounds and after a couple of days, ghost mounds.  This of course has not been enough to fully combat the ant problem around us so I now have Terminix.

My new pillows from One Kings Lane did arrive in the last couple of weeks.  They are nice, not an original price of $75 each nice but  bargain basement price of $55 a set nice.  At this moment in time they are making me second guess my curtain selection.  But perhaps it’s just the clash of the couch with it all (I don’t plan to keep the couch cream forever, it’s just want I got now.)  

Anyone else with an opinion?  Remember the remainder of the walls are a beautiful neutral deep blue color.  With the couch I have every intention of going with a lighter grey similar to the pattern in the curtains or the lighter color woven in the wool/jute rug.  Or is that a terrible idea & I need to ditch the curtains for my cream colored ones?  I should figure this out now before I scrounge up some more cash for two more panels to complete these windows.  Crap, now I’m starting to wish I had done pink, plums, rusts and golds if it would have flown with the mister.  This sucks, I hate it when I second guess it all.

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