Pottery Barn Outlet, I Love You

This weekend we set off to visit my parents in beautiful New Braunfels, TX.  While there I had to hit up the mother-load of outlet malls.  The San Marcos Premium Outlets are amazing.  It’s actually two different outlet malls built next to each other.  And unlike some outlet malls, I have found some killer deals.

This weekend I had two places on my list to visit, the Resto Hardware store and the almighty Williams Sonoma/West Elm/ Pottery Barn store.  There is also a Crate and Barrel store, but I have never found anything there.  It really is a broken, chipped, cracked store.  So this weekend and I went twice.  Yes, twice.  Getting there right at the opening is my suggestion since there is so much to look at.  When there are a ton of people, it’s a little overwhelming.

I wish I would have brought a camera because there were at least a hundred things with amazing deals that I would have loved to share since my car couldn’t hold any more.  But here are my two purchases.

The West Elm Large Wire Pendant Lamp.  Original Cost: $329 

When I first saw this lamp I liked it.  For the price you get a fairly large lamp.  A little industrial, a little birdcage.  My reason for not purchasing it, I didn’t feel it was worth the dough.  The simple design wasn’t enough for me to gamble $329 on having to potentially drive downtown twice.  This weekend, I stole this lamp for $169.99 at the outlet store.  Boom!  Pow!  The dining room is going to be very happy.

Pottery Barn Barnham Pendant Original Price: $219

The first day I was dead set on another lamp for the break fast nook.  After finding out the amazing price I was sadden by the fact that it wasn’t hardwired.  It was not able to be rewired to I had to leave it behind.  However, the Barnham lamp was in a box and the picture wasn’t that appealing, so I paid little attention.  Well the second day we returned to look at the plug in lamp so I could further determine whether or whether not I could make it work.  No hope there.  Then the Mister opened up the box that contained the Barnham Pendant.  Needless to say, it was pretty sweet.  And at $69.99 HOLY CRAP! I couldn’t say no.  So the second lamp was purchased and the breakfast nook was on it’s way to happily ever after.

I also purchased two 20×20 down pillow inserts for $9.99 ea and a strange wire cow/dear head.  It was only $4.95 which is the main reason it came home with me.  Other lighting deals off the top of my head were the Pottery Barn Kaplan Mercury Glass Pendant  for only $99 and Capiz Pendant for $69.  Nothing is guaranteed to work since they do not know why it is at the outlet store but at the prices, I felt it was worth the risk and possible rewire if necessary.  It’s best to make sure you have all the necessary hardware attached to your piece and that you check for any issues that might be beyond you.  Other than that, long live the Williams Sonoma Outlet!  Pictures of these lamps in action will be in the future.  Till next time! S

2 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Outlet, I Love You

  1. Rhoda says:

    These are some amazing steals! I don't mean to pry, but we're pretty close to each other in Texas…I live in the DFW area…are you close to that?


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