Alright, Mondays.  They are suppose to be dedicated to my Weekend Project Update.  I show off what I have done around the house during the weekend with the intention of inspiring you to do amazing things around your house, or perhaps invite me over for some amazing duo action!  I’ve had a 40 percent off coupon to Micheal’s, a 30 percent off coupon to Sherwin Williams and a whole lotta homework.  Summer school is grueling.  Thus far the dedication has paid off (A average here thank you very much.)  Sadly, the blog has suffered.  This past weekend, I finally moved my curtain rod up some.  That’s it.  Inch and a half of project x 3.  They look a thousand times more amazing now.  I attempted to work in the back yard, but I was attacked by ants on two different occasions.  So screw that.  Sadly besides cleaning my ceiling fans, that was my life this weekend.  That, laundry and homework.  Well, that and my special time spent with a cup of coffee and couch searching.  I am loving blue sofas ATM.  Enjoy some of my favorites.

Mid Century in a pale blue

Room & Board Anson Sofa- $1999

Geometric & way out of my budget for the next century

Vielle and Frances Greer Sofa- $6500

Tufted & Affordable

Chester Sofa, Performance Velvet, Lagoon
West Elm Chest Tufted Sofa- $1099

Yep, I could see myself with the West Elm in the performance Velvet Lagoon.  MY amazing coffee table.  Giant decorative screen looming in the background, some kind of large art deco print on the wall….ah sigh. 

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