WPU 5.7.2012

Right so this weekend, I did nothing.  Well, I celebrated a birthday, bought a swimsuit, did a little clothes shopping, cleaned house & studied.  Notice how there is not a project in there anywhere.  Yeah, I know, I suck.  But with the end of the semester here and a vacation looming in the distance, I did not have time.  Instead I though I would take a moment to appreciate one of my most favorite projects, my bedroom.
The bedroom has gone through some transformations since we moved into the house 3 years ago.  It has gone from a pale yellow to greens to blues to the current layout which I am in love with.  Sadly I got rid of the pictures of the green bedroom.  It was nice but I decided green did not have a place in my bedroom.  Now prepare yourself for the almighty glory of the totally bad-ass bedroom.

Currently, this is my boudoir.

 Now of course I have a couple more things to do but lack the funds.  The Mr. has promised I can install the laminate in the bedroom later this year & I haven’t decided the right height for the lanterns above the shelving unit.  I really want to incorporate the red-orange from the dresser into the bed, but I haven’t found that right piece.  I also second guess my free chair, but it was free, so I will hold on to it for now until something else rolls along.

 Ah my headboard. I made the headboard before the blog so all I can give is a description. Construction was very easy.  I measured the weight of the mattress frame and then decided on a height,  I cut a 2X4 into the right height and then I cut two pieces of plywood for the front and back the right dimensions (I know two pieces…I wanted this thing sturdy.)  Nails and wood glue made it come together.  I purchased 1/2 inch foam and the cheapest batting available.  Those two items went down first then I covered it with a cream fabric from High Fashion Home.  For the nail heads, I cheated.  I used this.  It saved me time and headaches from measuring & was totally affordable.  I had plenty leftover as well.  This mirror is actually a find from Target that I spray painted gold. 

The stencil is Zamira from Cutting Edge Stencils.  I used Martha Stewart Metallic Crag & Sherwin Williams Mediterranean.  It took about seven hours & was worth every moment.  The lamps were ugly white ceramic ones also from Target that got a nice coat of gold paint.  The nightstands, Ikea Hemnes for the time being.  The pillows are some quilting fabric I found on sale at JoAnns.  I sewed them up & attached a little S and A metal stencil on them that I found in the Michael’s miscellaneous bins (you know the ones near the registrars that have all the fun matchy matchy stuff in them?)  I haven’t decided if they will stick around.

 Recently I gave my Ikea Hemnes dress a make-over.  The color is Valspar Hacienda Tile.  It’s distressed & you can’t even tell from the picture all the labor I put into that.  The bull rings I purchased from Ebay for a great deal.  Ebay is a gold mine for cheap drawer hardware.  This summer I have a goal to make some alchemist jar terrariums or a couple of succulent pots to add some green to the dresser.  I also haven’t decided if this fellow needs a coat rack to him yet. The grey on the wall is Glidden Seal Grey.  My room is large and the ceilings are tall.  Pulling off a darker color was no problem especially with the ample lighting from the two windows.

Ah nerd-dom.  Yes that is binary code.  Yes it is a lyric from our song.  I went online and found a website that translates whatever you wish into binary code immediately.  I keyed in the lyric, omitting spaces, and used ink stamps to create my geeky ode to our love.  I let the ink dry a while then I sprayed the piece down with clear coat.  The deer and ampersand just happen to be two things that I liked.

So that is my bedroom.  The only room in the house that is the closest to being finished.  And since I tend to bounce from room to room, I bet it won’t be until the closer to the end of the year I have having a completed project celebration party.

Bis Dann!

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