WPU- 4.30.12

Greetings all!  It is Monday, which means it is Weekend Project Update day.  Here’s the sad part, I did nothing this weekend.  Well, I assisted in finishing off a bag of dark chocolate M&M’s, did a crap-load of laundry, some other cleaning and spray painted a lamp.

When I saw Mandy’s skeleton shade, my thought was “Holy Cow!  I’m not the only one who thinks the shade part is completely useless at times.”  And ya know these days it’s actually pretty difficult to find good clunky lampshades in Houston.  (Perhaps this week I will write about the descent of Houston thrift stores and resale in the last 20 years.)  So a couple weeks ago I was at a local Goodwill I will include a Goodwill rant with thrift store article  and I came across a lovely gem with no price tag.  It had a smell, but overall it was clunky and sturdy.   The lady sold it to me for 2 bucks- which is not a bad price- and I took it home until I could get to the store for some Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze.  This weekend I worked on getting all the adhesive off from where the cloth shade previously existed and I gave it an oil rubbed make-over (tee-hee.)

The Mr. and I agreed that the lamp needed an Edison bulb to complete the look.  Ordering a bulb online just seemed out of the question (have you seen how the post carriers treat packages?!?!)  So while at Lowe’s I decided “What the hell, maybe they will have one here…”  And just like that POW!  I landed myself a Edison style bulb without the worries of shipping for less than 10 bucks.  When I powered on the lamp the first time, I felt like I needed a quill pen and a creaky wooden chair. Maybe a finch in a cage as well.  Bottom line- I’m happy.

Wow that lamp is not that blue when I look at it- maybe the base needs an update now.  Sadface.

Soon (and I mean in 2-3 weeks soon) I plan to begin working on my living-room.  Since all my summer & fall classes will be on the internet, I will have extra time to work during the week instead of having to reserve all my project time to the weekends.  But don’t worry, Mondays will still be devoted to the WPU.  And soon, I hope to have the coffee table project under way.
Bis Dann!

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