WPU- Yard Intro

I was not born with a green thumb.  I tend to kill everything I attempt to grow.  This is why I do not have an herb garden and why my backyard looks the way it does.  HOWEVER, I am a very determined person.  With that being said, I am determined to have a relaxing retreat in my backyard.  It might take two month, it could possibly take two years.  With hard work and a lot of learning I know I can pull it off, one way or another.  I would like to now proudly introduced the project from an unspecified amount of time…my backyard. -Que the crazy tribal jungle music here-

Ah the backyard.  Home of failed plant experiments and Prince’s own personal playground.  The grass is growing in nice and garden and patio just need a little bit of sprucing up.  Originally I had the landscape cut in a squiggle along the back fence. Then one day I decided, “No this is too much garden!”  Now I have decided, “Just use larger plants in few quantities which will equal less lawn to mow!”  So here I am, in the process of moving some plants, adding a couple extra and praying that they make it through Texas summers.

Here is this past weekends progress.  I moved the three plants which are a Mexican Petunia or also commonly known as a Mexican Chi Chi.  They make pink or purple flower, do great in Texas summers and sandy soil.  I scored these for less than a $1  when a Houston Plants & Gardeb was closing.  I laid down 10 bags of mulch and worked on setting the bricks in the ground.  Whether or not I am keeping the bricks, I have no clue.  I do know the were extra from my house being built which makes them free and makes me happy.  I plan to add a couple more plants as soon as I start planting the other side of the squiggle.
 Then there is the patio.  Yeah I’m totally borrowing my boss power-washer to clean up the concrete.  I also plan to update the furniture and overall appearance of the patio area. I plan to make the area not suck forever, it just might suck for a while.
I would like to add that I also have two Bottle Brushes and a Crepe Myrtle which have also both done really well in my backyard.  In time I plan to make my back yard a place to be enjoyed and admired.  So stay tuned for more achy calves, dead plants and power-ashing adventures!

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