Chocolate drizzle, fo shizzle?

Ah Sundays.  Laundry, dusting, vacuuming, Stanley Cup play-offs and today, TRUFFLES.  One of the mechanics is leaving our shop and since he is so kind as to bring me cupcakes from Crave’s Cupcakes I decided that I would make him a little going away confection.

Within my Pinterest there is a pin for Girl Scout Thin Mint Truffles.  I have been wanted to making them.  Sadly, there are no more girl scout cookies in my house and the girl scout bakery is on vacation until next year secretly my hips are thanking themSo I opted to use the HEB brand of chocolate mint cookies.  Then I decided to turn it up a notch and crank out some Nutter Butter truffles as well.  Now I can not take all the credit for the ideas.  I found the recipe for the Nutter Butter truffles here and the Thin Mint Truffles here.  I melted peanut butter chips and drizzled the Nutter Butter and for the “Thin Mints” I melted white chocolate chips, squirted in some green food coloring and made it happen.  They are ugly but who doesn’t love ugly?

The Mister is in love with them.  I loved the simple ingredient list.  Since this was my first attempt in dipping stuff in candy chocolate I made some mistakes.  Well, I made a lot of mistakes that affect the presentation anesthetics, all of which I ate and my hips hate me again. So anyone with dipping tips, I am glad to take ’em.    With all that being said, have a happy Monday!

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