Greetings to all.  As promised, Monday is the WPU- weekend project update.  This weekend was filled with working on the master bathroom.  Little did I know, it also included an electrical lesson.  So sit back & enjoy.

1. The electrical lesson.

Being that my house is a little over 2 years old, the wiring is very new.  Every light I have replaced utilizes a black wire (the positive wire) and a white wire (the negative.)  When installing a new light fixture, black goes with black and white with white.  But what happens when the fixture you are installing has a wire that is made of two conjoined wires, neither white or black?

Well, the gentleman at Home Depot gave me this advice.  The ribbed side of the wire is the negative.  The other side will usually have print on it and that will be the positive. Using this information, we were able to successfully hang up my bargain chandelier.  WARNING: this was information given my a Home Depot employee, neither he or my husband and I are electricians.  If your project is beyond you, always hire a professional!
2. My bathroom.
Adding the chandelier to my bathroom is one of the decisions I am most proud of.  It filled up the vast empty space, added a great pop of color, a little elegance and a whole lotta light.  I found the fixture at Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  Took two cans of Zinsser Primer, 2 cans of Rustoleum Glossy Night Tide & some patience.  A couple more frames & a few other items and my bathroom will be considered done.

 Bis dann

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