Weekend Project Update

I hope that everyone had a lovely holiday weekend.  I had a great time with my family and even managed to squeeze in a project or two.  I would like to deem Mondays WPU (weekend project update) day.  Since Sundays are consumed with laundry and house chores, sometimes on a Saturday I am unable to finish my projects.  Some Saturdays I finish my project I set out to do but then, it leads to another project that wasn’t even on my weekend project list. yeah, total face-palm there  This usually ends up with a mad-dash to my neighborhood Home Depot or Lowe’s around 4ish in order to purchase more supplies.  If you ever wonder who’s peeling into the parking lot in a black Volvo around this time on a Saturday afternoon, it’s more than likely me…guard your light bulbs & lumber.

This past weekend I worked on my bathroom project.  The chandelier so far kicks so much butt, it almost hurts to look him and all his glory.  notice how I apply the male gender to all the items  in my house…strange.  HOWEVER, that guy will have to wait until he is completely done for his debut.  In the meantime, I will reveal the frame project. 

Yes, we have seen them several times before.  Yes, they are probably played out.  But I love frame galleries.  Ornate frames are awesome.  I like the big gold gaudy ones you see in a museum or maybe the movie Clue. So, I decided that since I love them so & I can not find a piece of art work I like, then into the bathroom they will go.  The color scheme came to me looking at an advertisement sign at my local Kirkland’s. (Hey inspiration comes from anywhere.) I still need to add a couple more, perhaps this weekend I will make it out to find some more dirt cheap frames.  NOTE: one of the colors in the montage happens to be the color of my totally freaking awesome chandelier.

One more side note, check out my awesome find.  I love owls, so this made my day last week. It just took a little bit of glossy white spray paint & POW, he looks great next to my books.

Bis dann!

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