My Hindsight is Tufted

I have a problem.  I purchased a sofa a year ago.  Then I got a kitten for free.  The kitten is now a teenager and my beautiful woven, cream sectional is no longer as beautiful as it use to be.  The corners are a less than awesome because he looks at the sofa as a mountain.  I can not bring myself to have him de-clawed. Then I see sofas like these fellows here.  I see them and I kick myself in the butt for A. purchasing a sofa that I knew would not stand the test of time vs. future children or current said pets, B. for not taking the time save $ to purchase something that would stand the test of time (I wanted a sofa and I wanted it now) and C. for not listening to myself and purchasing two smaller sofas vs a sectional (I won’t mention names, but who else helped me pick out a sofa?)  So what’s a girl to do?  Well I can have the current sectional reupholstered into something more durable like a microfiber.  I can just hang in there, maintaining this one the best I can until it hits rock bottom.  Or I can sell and purchase something tufted and blue

 Sadly, I will probably be stuck with just leaving it be for a while.  I have other projects to get to around the house and purchasing another sofa is just out of the question.  Perhaps in the next year, once I have completed some projects, I will look into getting the current sofa a facelift.  If anything the land of remorse has taught me some valuable lessons.  Next time I will take more time in shopping around, save up more money & not listen to a certain someone else.

So is there anyone else out there who has sofa remorse?  Does anyone have an upholstery shop in Houston they can recommend?

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