Great Place, Great Finds, Great Cause

So I’m cheap.  I like good deals.  I don’t mind second hand and bargain hunting can be considered a past time for me. You can find great deals on just about everything out there.  And good deals are even better when they are for a good cause. 

Habitat for Humanity is “a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry that has helped to build over 500,000 decent, affordable houses and served 2.5 million people worldwide.”  It is an amazing foundation working worldwide to provide the dream of a home to those who otherwise could not have one.  Since it is non-profit, it relies on labor and monetary donations to accomplish it’s goals.  It also relies on ReStore resale outlets, which have now become a favorite of mine.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore outlets offer reusable and surplus materials to the public at discounted prices. EXAMPLE: You replace your kitchen cabinets, you donate the old ones to ReStore, then they are bought by the public and the money goes back into Habitat for Humanity.  Brilliant! 

This past Saturday, I paid Northwest Houston Restore a visit.  Located off Grant & Jones for those interested.  Upon visiting, I found a huge selection of used cabinets and drawers, plenty of doors & windows.  There were toilets, sinks, some furniture, appliances, paint, hardwood flooring, light fixtures & my personal favorite, reclaimed wood (including reclaimed redwood.)  It all sent me into a tizzy.  Such great prices for totally awesome reclaimed stuff that benefits a nonprofit.  I landed a chandelier for $30 that I have great plans for in the weeks to come & I plan to return for some antique door handles.

I insist that before you chunk any home materials, you donate them to ReStore.  And before you flock to your local home improvement warehouse, you pay them a visit.  Here is a link to all the locations in Texas.  Bis Dann!


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