Thursday Chirp

Right so the background and overall image of the blog have changed.  (You have to love learning experiences.)  Aside from that, it’s Thursday.  For me, Thursdays mean no school and trip to HomeGoods.  That’s right, every Thursday I go to HomeGoods after work to see what there is to see.

I am a bargain hunter.  I love deals.  I love getting something for an unbelievable price.  And, I am a deal stalker.  I try not to buy things are regular price.  Since I leave work early, I have plenty of opportunity during the week to scour my favorite stores, waiting for items I admire to shrink in price.  The exciting part is when the deal happens then, I STRIKE!  But since I get such a thrill out of a good deal, sometimes my items of admiration get purchased before I can get the deal.  Big time sad-face there.  But I view it this way, if whatever it was was so amazing that I had to have it then, then I would have purchased it.  This brings us to HomeGoods today.

Last night I had a dream about an Ikat lampshade.  Me and Ikat, total BFFs.  I love ethnic prints (my scarf collection previously mentioned is proof.)  So today, there I am at HomeGoods.  I don’t need any lamps, but who can reset looking.  Low and behold, holy crap, it’s a printed lampshade.  Not just any lampshade, but one that matches my giant abstract print in my dining-room that is an ethnic print.  Yep, I snatched it up.  $16.99 and that baby was mine.  Now I need to decide if it’s too large for the lamp base.  I can part with the base, the shade true love.

So if there any opinions, is the shade too large for the base?  I know the mirror doesn’t work for it, but that’s a whole other story (the hallway and dining-room are the project of the summer, prepare yourselves for board and batten.)

One thought on “Thursday Chirp

  1. Missy says:

    LOVE the lampshade…and a good deal! I like it, but I'm an “if you love it go with it kinda girl” so, if it makes you happy than its perfect! Oooh, board and batten, love love. I did that in my girls room and I have plans for our entry too!


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